Faux Finish - Specialty Painting
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We will give your home or business a distinctive
look that will set you apart from all others!
If you are looking for a special look or texture to your room, explore the possibilities found using faux finishes or specialty painting.  Want the look of marble without the cost?  We can do that!  Want to bring the sky and clouds indoors?  We can do that!  Make your cabinets or walls look like leather, give them an aged, distressed look, get a look of plaster, or maybe brick, the possibilities go on and on.  Before you go to the expense of having that Italian marble shipped in...let's discuss what can be done by using a faux finish.
Matched marble tiles on floor

Ragged walls/center design hand painted
Sky with clouds
Rock wall/arches outside design
Ceiling medallion
Flowers border
Leather look -
brads nailed in
Same leather look on all doors
Hand painted border
Rope design border and walls are ragged and sponged
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